Company History

1995 ASK Co.,Ltd.established(Iizukamachi,Yamagata-shi);
 began work as purchasing agent for sake rice
1996 Launched“Study Group on Yamasake #4(tamanae)”
to strengthen the system for producing brewer’s rice
1997 Began breeding Ushu Homare,Tatsu no Otoshigo, and Sake Mirai brewer’s rice varieties
1998 Opened Sevriba Resthouse
1999 Moved headquarters to Minami-Ichibancho, Yamagata-shi
2000 Opened a shop at the headquarters,Okome no Tawaragura
2001 Established Chitose Rice Milling Factory(staple food); ~2008
2002 Established Nihon Shudokai(to strengthen coopera tion with breweries)
2003 Began handling liquor
2004 Strengthened brewer’s rice sales agency with JA Zen-Noh(East Japan & West Japan)
2005 Launched the ASK Rice Cultivation Study Group “Kono Yubitomare”
Began research on cultivating brewer’s rice in the ASK Test fields
Began breeding varieties of seed rice
2006 Created the“ASK Rice Producer’s Association (Warehousing)”
Regularized contracted cultivation of Yamagata
 Prefecture brewer’s rice for JA
2007 Began “Shirikatanto(silicic acid)Cultivation”
as an eco-friendly cultivation movement 
Opened Kanto Sales Office(Ageo-shi,Saitama)
2008 Completed rice millining plant for making sake
2009 Moved headquarters (to Zao Matsugaoka,Yamagata-shi);
completed construction of new edible-rice milling
plant and warehouse
2010 Began JGAP(Japan Good Agricultural Practices) efforts
2011  Launched sales strategy for edible rice sales to Kansai region
(cooperation with Kansai rice milling plant )
At brewer’s rice milling plant, added 6 polishing
Machines for a total of 12
2012 Began “GLOBAL GAP” effor