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The deliciousness of rice is as varied as its many species, the flavors are as varied as the locations where it is grown, and the ideas about rice are as varied as those who cultivate it.

The pursuit of delicious tastes

The most appropriate variety of rice is grown based on the climate and soil condi-tions in that location. At ASK, we believe it is our mission is to have our employees go out and feel the warmth of the rice paddy during their training and remember that as they work proactively to maximize the unique characteristics of each variety of rice to produce the most delicious rice possible.

The pursuit of good quality rice-improving rice varieties

ASK is actively working to develop shuzokotekimai. the rice used for producing sake, and is providing it to sake breweries throughout Japan. The rice ingredients in sake are closely connected to the microbial fermentation process. and thus rice is an important key to brewing delicious sake. ASK considers Japanese sake to be an impor-tant part of the country’s culture, and is continuously working to create the best possible rice varieties.

In our company’s test fields, working for the future

In the ASK company test fields,in order to draw out the essential character of the rice, we conduct research every day on many varieties of rice.We make our information public in order to allow agricultural organi-zations and producers to use the data we have collected as live indices on such ques-tions as the impact of changes in the natural environment or growing conditions on the quality of the rice.

Eco-friendly awareness and movement

Recently,as rice prices have dropped and farmland is being destroyed. ASK has been earnestly tacking the production of rice as a staple food. Taking as our motto the phrase “quality rice begins with eco-friendly farm-ing.” we are putting into practice the production and cultivation of high-quality rice through such means as “Shirikatanto(silicic acid) Cultivation”(ASK’s name).

An enormous responsibility for the future of ”farming”

For several thousand years, mankind has continued to cultivate the earth’s arable soil to a depth of not even 20 centimeters, and in doing so has sustained lives and civilization.

Within the context of the long, storied history of mankind,” we would like to earnestly tackle this modern-day experiment that we have been given in order to consciously express our concept of “farming.”

Contributing to “Food and Culture”

“Rice” is at the heart of meals in Japan,and from ancient times it has formed the central component of “farming,” with improvements in production being made over the years.

For many people, rice is an essential part of their daily lives, and because rice is eaten every day, it is important that it be safe and healthy.

ASK is reexamining the natural properties,values, and strengths of rice, seeking a comfortable “farming” environment thorough a symbiosis between humans and nature, creating a healthy